All About Fayetteville

Activities, restaurants, sites, and other fun things Fayetteville, NC has to offer

Luigi's Italian Restaurant

Veteran Italian restaurant with a deep wine list & homey digs including a fireplace & covered patio. Restaurant also offers live entertainment, perfect for those needed date nights!

Pierro's Italian Bistro

Italian Bistro loctated in beautiful downtown Fayetteville. Bistro features one of the most diverse wine selections in the area. They offer a memorable dining experience of impeccable cuisine and delectable drinks in a historic atmosphere.

Taste of West Africa: Awo's Cuisine

Featuring delectable authentic West African cuisine, vegetarian, salad, soups, kids meal, tropical juices (mango, tamarind & passion) and more.

Miyabi Japenese Steak & Seafood House

Hefty portions of hibachi, sushi & other Japanese fare served with sake & beer. Have a great dinner with friends while enjoying a great show!

Elizabeth's Pizza & Restaurant

One of a pair of eateries serving traditional Italian dishes in a family-friendly atmosphere. 

Fox's Pizza Den

Laid-back chain serving specialty pizzas in varied shapes & sizes, plus sandwiches, salads & sides.

Mash House Brewery & Rest

In a location with real character, right in the heart of Fayetteville, The Mash House Brewing Company defines what it’s like to have a unique dining experience, whether you choose a refined, gourmet fusion dish, the best in beef, or more casual fare, like a freshly ground burger or hand-crafted sandwich, they pride themselves on supporting North Carolina farmers and growers by using local products as much as possible. They consistently rank as one of the area’s best restaurants favorite destinations for steaks, chops and award-winning beer — hand-crafted on the premises utilizing the traditional methods of Old World brewers.

Texas Roadhouse

Lively chain steakhouse serving American fare with a Southwestern spin amid Texas-themed decor.

El Cazador Mexican Restaurant

El Cazador (formerly Pedro's) has been a locally owned family business for over 50 years and some of the best dishes come straight from their family recipes. They pride themselves in making their Mexican dishes different from the typical Mexican restaurant. They make sure to buy the best quality food so that your entrée tastes absolutely delicious. One of our most popular menu items is Pedro's Quesadilla. The recipe for this dish comes straight from Guadalajara and was created in the original restaurant that was founded over 50 years ago. It was scrumptious then, and it's still a favorite now. Come enjoy the authentic and new taste of Mexican cuisine.

New Deli 

 This is a gem in Fayetteville to be found! Stop by and try one of their delishious sandwhiches, salads & soups. What ever you do though, don't leave without one of their carmel apple flavors in your'll be sad if you do!